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    I am new in this software and I am a physician.
    I try to upload the DICOM file with the spectra and it returns a sign “Unable to read this/These files”
    How should I download the images from the GE scanner?

    Xiaolin Wu

    the same problem with you, got head pain


    I have solved the problem
    Go to the MR consol (yes the MR scanner)
    Right click over the desktop
    A window open
    Go to Service browser and click Utilities
    Select Raw file manager
    Click the underlined link
    Place a DVD in the burner
    Click Disk to DVD
    You will have the P files
    It stores all files in the DVD
    Look for date and time of the MRS you need
    File like P2765.7 appears
    Upload that file to the software
    DICOM files doesn’t work

    Xiaolin Wu

    thank you very much,it is important for my analysis,beacause i used to use the software “mestrenova”,but it just identify .fid format,it is hard to process dicome data(GE3.0T),thanks for your help,this is my email,we could communicate through this way.

    Yangye Yan

    Hello, I have met the same problem with loading the GE data. Have you solved the problem yet? Your e-mail address is not shown in the page.My email is ,is it possible we communicating via e-mail or wechat about the software?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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