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    T. Jake Samuel


    I’ve been using jMRUI version 5.1 for several years now without issue. However, last week when I loaded my dynamic 31P spectra to process I noticed that the phasing window no longer opens when I click on the “Toggle the Phase” button. I thought this was weird so I clicked on the Display tab and the phasing window is checked despite not appearing on my screen.

    I am using jMRUI on a laptop that is connected to 2 other monitors and I have confirmed that the window doesn’t appear on a different screen (inc. laptop monitor). I also have the same issues when the laptop isn’t connected to any additional monitors.

    I have also just now noticed that I’m having similar issues with the Zero Filling window but not with the Apodize window.

    Has anybody else experienced similar issues?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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