The pages under the “About” menu entry will give you detailed information about the institutions, people and projects supporting the jMRUI software, as well as the rules governing the relationship between you and the MRUI Consortium. This is the list of linked pages and a brief description of their content.

MRUI Consortium – The MRUI Consortium is the legal entity that drives the progress of the jMRUI software, and its members are the institutions involved in the development and maintenance of the jMRUI software. In this page you will find a list of the current and past members of the MRUI Consortium.

Coordinator & developers – jMRUI is the outcome of the collaborative work of many people who contribute to maintained, improve and extended the software. All this effort is finally assembled into a new version under the direction of the appointed Software Development Coordinator.

Projects – The page linked contains a list of European projects that have funded the development of the jMRUI software.

Terms of service – The use of the jMRUI website and its content, services and products is governed by the terms and conditions detailed in that page. By visiting this site and engaging  and opening and account on it, you agree to our terms of service.

Our website uses cookies – According to European Union regulations the use of cookies must be advertised to visitors and it requires the express consent of the user. In this page we describe which cookies we use and for which purposes, and how you could block and/or delete them if you wish, although we warn you that this may impact our site usability.

Privacy policy – We take your privacy very seriously, and on this page you will find detailed information about how we will handle you personal data and how we will use it.