jMRUI2XML is a plugin for the jMRUI platform that was built with two purposes in mind: (1) automating, to a certain degree, MRS processing, and (2) as a platform for outputting exchangeable data for its use in pattern recognition (but not limited to this). The plugin works with any kind of data that can be opened by jMRUI and outputs in XML format.

jMRUI2XML is a software designed to fulfil the needs of potential users in the MRS community.

Availability and requirements

Plugin name:jMRUI2XML
Project home page:
Operating system(s):Platform independent
Programming language:Java
Other requirements:Java 1.6.0 or higher


Available free of charge, subject to the signature of a disclaimer and user agreement text

Downloads and documentation

The jMRUI2XML 1.0.2 plugin and the related documentation can be downloaded from the project home page.


Registered users should use the dedicated forums for all kind of support questions, or to report bugs and suggest new features and improvements.

If you have any problem downloading the software, please contact to:

Citing jMRUI2XML

We would appreciate from you to acknowledge jMRUI2XML in every instance where it has been used. It could be referenced by the following citation:

  • From raw data to data-analysis for magnetic resonance spectroscopy – the missing link: jMRUI2XML Victor Mocioiu, Sandra Ortega-Martorell, Ivan Olier, Michal Jablonski, Jana Starcukova, Carles Arus and Margarida Julià-Sapé. BMC Bioinformatics 2015, 16:378. DOI: 10.1186/s12859-015-0796-5 (Published: 9 November 2015).