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    Craig Stark

    Hi jMRUI Developers,
    We are new to jMRUI and we have been trying to use jMRUI to calculate some concentrations of different metabolites (mainly Cr, NAA, and GABA) but have struggled with a couple of things. We are using a Siemens 3T scanner and using the .IMA files in jMRUI. We are trying a couple of different approaches at trying to find the concentrations, but have read that the Siemens (test) plugin is the right tool for what we are trying to find. We are using the the v6.0 beta of jMRUI and are struggling to get past the mount DICOM directory step of Siemens (test). We start by opening the directory which holds the .IMA files and this step finds the suppressed water signals and the water reference files. Although when we double click on the files and try and hit the “Load” button to get them to shift over to the right panel we are getting a message that says “Error in Mrui Mode1D(data)”. Have not been able to find anything about this in the forum or in the manual for Siemens (test). We noticed the manual for Siemens (test) is in v4 so we are hoping Siemens(test) is still compatible with v6.0 beta. We did try downloading jMRUI v5.2 and the same issue existed when loading the same files. Has anyone else encountered this issue and know a solution or been able to successfully run .IMA files in Siemens (test)? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    As a second approach we are attempting to use Spectrlm to quantify our data. We are struggling with where one can create a QUEST options file as required by the quantify step in Sprectrlm. Thanks again for anyone who can input!

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