Quantification of Total Phosphorus in single voxel

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    Adam Woods

    We are using a 31P whole head coil on a Philips 3T Achieva to do single voxel 31P acquisition. Good signal to noise for our desired peaks (PME, Pi, PDE, PCr, ATPgamma, ATPalpha, and ATPbeta). We are using jMRUI v5.2. Relatively new to jMRUI.

    I am trying to figure out how to calculate total Phosphorus (or total pooled P) in the single voxel as a reference value in calculating ratios for these metabolites. Is this the same as using the Relative Amplitudes option and selecting Amplitudes/Sum of Metabolites? Or, is there another method I should be using to calculate total P? I appreciate any help that can be offered. Also, if someone has a better argument for another ratio denominator, I would be very interested in your thoughts.


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