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    Ekaterina Brui

    Could you please tell which method of Noise SD estimation is used in Amares?

    Danielle Graveron

    In jMRUI, the noise standard deviation can be estimated from the residue, the last points of the raw signal or from a known value in case of simulations. Users define the value used in the estimation of the standard deviation on metabolite amplitudes (AMARES, QUEST, etc.) in the Results window.

    Danielle Graveron
    Universite Claude Bernard - LYON 1

    Harmen Reyngoudt

    Dear all,

    Could you tell how exactly the value of S/N is calculated in AMARES (using the noise of the residu)? In other words, what is the exact formula and with which values in the results table is it calculated?

    Thanks very much,
    Best regards,

    Michele Mauri

    Just look the the explanation in [jmrui_folder]/doc/Noise_STD_LCRB.pdf

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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