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    Robert Nikolov

    I am new to jmrui and my sdat and par files freeze jmrui 5.2 (windows) when i try to load them. Has anyone else come across this problem?


    Hi, I’m one of jMRUI developers.

    Please check if you have the correct 32bit Java – use readme.

    If the problem persists, please send me an example of your data.


    Jesper Lundbom


    same problem here. Just started using v5.2 and the program freezes from time to time when opening SDAT spectra. The freezing is not consistent but once a file name freezes is freezes again despite closing and opening the program. About 4-5 spectra can be opened before it freezes.

    Also using win7 and 32bit java.


    Anna Murphy


    I have the same problem and I am also using v.5.2 with Windows 7 and 32-bit Java. I used to get around this by sending the SDAT to a colleague using an older version – it opened fine. However, my colleague is now off on mat. leave.

    Is there anyway of getting around this?

    Many thanks,

    Bernard Lanz


    I also have the same freezing issue opening Philips SDAT spectra using JMRUI v5.2 with Windows 7 and 32-bit Java. We also use the trick to ask a colleague to open it on another computer or try with an older JMRUI version, which sometimes works.
    In some cases, using the “File/Open as…” menu is more successful. Another option is to open the problematic spectrum together with another similar one, not affected by this bug.

    It is hard to give a good example to work on, as this seems to happen randomly on different computers. However, when one spectrum shows this freezing problem on a given computer, it will always freeze.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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