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    Dear comunity,
    I am having problems to analyze CSI data with jMRUI v. 5.2.
    I am able to load the spectra, the water reference and the brain image.
    However I got more spectra than the ones I want to analyze (basically tumor and its normal/appearing tisues surounding). I am not able to select the spectra that I need to analyze, more over when I am able to perform a not very nice quantitation with MRUI I´ve got three maps (I am using 144 ms Techo), I would like to get a Cho/Cr map to better analyze the infiltrative pattern of my tumor.
    I have been looking through internet but I cannot find a manual. Can someone help me?

    Angela Bernabeu Sanz
    Universidad Miguel Hernandez/Hospital Universitario de Alicante

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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