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    Robert Boggs


    I am currently collecting both PRESS and STEAM data on a 7T Bruker Biospec system. The rf pulses we use on this system are defined as calculated (done by the system) and we do not select sinc7 or hermite for example. When I am simulating spectrums in NMRSCOPE-B what would be the best rf pulse shapes to use? Currently I use the press_voi_1pws_init file with their default pulse shapes and input all of our parameters, but the amplitudes for some metabolites have much higher amplitudes and I wondered if this would cause a problem. Thank you.


    Alexandru Korotcov

    Hi Robert,

    Have you finally been able to create a good pulse sequence protocol file for Bruker 7T? Currently I am working on the same problem and looking for help.

    Could you share your PRESS and STEAM protocol file with community?

    Thank you,

    Alexandru Korotcov
    Howard University

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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