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    MRUI webmaster

    To fully benefit of the jMRUI Forums and be able to post messages to the available forums, you must register first as jMRUI user. In the on-line registration form you will have to

    • choose a user name and password,
    • give some details about your workplace, and
    • accept the site and software terms of use,

    before being able to submit your application. Upon completing your application, a welcome message will be sent to your email address with your user name and password, keep it in a safe place.

    As an additional security measure against spammers, a site administrator must approved you application and activate your account. For that purpose, the jMRUI server will send administrators an email urging them to check your account and activate it if deemed appropriate. Once approved, an email acknowledging the activation will be sent to your email address.

    If you experience problems to apply for registration, do not hesitate to contact the site administrators for help.

    Important: by registering to the jMRUI site you implicitly abide to this site Terms of Use and Privacy policy.

    MRUI webmaster

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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