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    These are the MRUI forums currently available and their intended use:

    The Forum guidelines contains topics such as what is the appropriate use of this forum, which content is acceptable and which is not, what are the general management rules that will be enforced by moderators/administrators. Read this forum posts before registering and posting for the first time. 

    The category jMRUI Software has forums

    • News & announcements. This is our way to convey any news or information we deem of interest to the jMRUI community: new software releases, oncoming user meetings, and the like. Only forum moderators/administrators can post to it.
    • General support. Post here all your questions and comments on jMRUI. When in doubt to which forum your message may pertain, post it to the General support forum. If needed, moderators will move your post to the right forum.
    • Bug reports. If you think that you have found a bug, this is the place to report it. Before posting, browse the most recent messages to see if anyone else has already reported it. If there is a recent thread on the same subject, join the discussion instead of starting a new topic. When in doubt if your question pertains to this forum, post it to the General support forum.
    • Feature requests. Do not hesitate to post here all your suggestions on how to improve jMRUI, we will welcome them and will do our best to implement them.
    • Archive. This is an inactive forum, intended to contain all messages posted to the former MRUI mail-list, so that they are available for consultation and searches.

    The category jMRUI Plugins contains forums dedicated to third party plugins

    • SpectraClassifier. Forums dedicated to discussing the development and reporting bugs related to the SpectraClassifier tool. It includes dedicated sub-forums for News & Download, Support & Feature Requests, and Bugs & Issues.

    The Community forum is meant for non-jMRUI related messages that you think may be of interest to the jMRUI community. For instance: to discuss pulse sequences and/or experimental parameters, to comment or recommend a paper you have just read, to seek advice on MRS/MRI, to announce a workshop or meeting, and much more.

    MRUI webmaster

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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