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Improved import plug-ins of GE and Siemens data-sets

GE and Siemens format update

Updated plug-ins for loading GE and Siemens data sets are now available. If you experienced any problems with any of those two data types, please download and update the plug-ins in your jMRUI installation.


  1. Before proceeding please make a copy of GE and Siemens plug-ins in any external directory
  2. Copy the plug-ins to “<jmrui_root>\plugins” folder; in case of the ge.jar file replace the original one by the new one. Note: you must not leave the copy of the original ge.jar file in the  “<jmrui_root>\plugins” folder together with the new one.


Download (25.4 KB)


If the problem with Siemens Dicom persists, please load the data file using “File/Open As” and select “Siemens DICOM”.