Welcome to the new MRUI website!

You have been automatically redirected to the new jMRUI website at www.jmrui.eu because the MRUI websites you were trying to visit (*) no longer exist and have been replaced by this site.

(*) either www.mrui.uab.es/mrui/ or sermn02.uab.cat/mrui/

Depending on what you were trying to do, the hints below may give you a clue on how to proceed from here.

You were looking for the jMRUI Licensees Database…

If you are a jMRUI licensee and you just wanted to log to the MRUI Licensees Database (MLD) to obtain this week passwords to download the jMRUI software, you will be glad to learn that we have simplified the process and that downloading the software is now much easier: you only have to log in to this site. And, of course, we have taken care of moving your account to this new website, so that you can start enjoying it asap.

For more information about this change, read the questions and answers we have written for past MRUI licensees.

You came to apply for a jMRUI license…

Please, go to the License & download page for instructions on how to license the jMRUI software.

Just curious about jMRUI?

If you were looking for information about the jMRUI software, we would recommend you to start reading the overall description at the home page and the pages describing the most important jMRUI features.

None of the above?

If you did not come for any of the above reasons, feel free to browse this site as you like, and do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions and we will do our best to help you.